Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Post’s Annie Linskey named national political reporter


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Announcement from National Editor Matea Gold, Deputy National Editor Philip Rucker and Senior Politics Editor Dan Eggen:

We are delighted to announce that Annie Linskey is taking on a new role as a national political reporter and will be one of our lead reporters on the campaign team, helping spearhead coverage of the 2022 midterms and the country’s volatile political environment.

Annie has covered the White House since the beginning of the Biden administration and has helped drive our reporting about how the White House has contended with the pandemic, identifying weaknesses in its covid policies. She has been quick to discern critical dynamics in the Biden presidency, such as the tension between his climate goals and his need to cut gas prices. She also broke an early story about Biden’s brother Frank and how his business activities complicated the White House message on ethics, documented the embrace of the “Let’s go Brandon” slogan on the right and delivered a compelling piece on Biden’s affinity for funerals, among other insightful stories.

Before joining the White House beat, Annie served as a valuable member of our 2020 campaign team, covering Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and other Democrats. She broke news on Warren’s claim to Native American ancestry, wrote a distinctive piece about Warren’s history in academia, and illuminated how Warren helped big companies as a corporate consultant.

Before coming to the Post, Annie was a political reporter for the Boston Globe and worked for Bloomberg News, BusinessWeek and the Baltimore Sun.

Annie is known for her penetrating and versatile coverage, qualities we look forward to her bringing to her new beat.

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