Wednesday, November 30, 2022

KSP, Scottsville PD hold police officer memorial services during National Police Week


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – It’s National Police Week, and to honor those who have fallen, officers of the Scottsville Police Department and Kentucky State Police held memorial services Thursday.

”I’m honored to do this because they have fallen in the line of duty. And you never know when somebody is one of our officers are going to get killed in the line of duty,” said Detective John Rose with the Scottsville Police Department.

National Police Week is held in Washington D.C. every year with agencies from all over the country coming together to honor those that have died that year and the years before.

”In Allen County, we’ve had two officers die in the line of duty,” said Detective Rose, “T.H. Kirby was a town Marshal. And Jesse Frost was a jailer here. So we recognize those two here every year.”

Several members of the government were also in attendance during the service, including Scottsville’s Mayor, David Burch.

“All law enforcement officers lead lives of service that are understood from the moment each man or woman joins the force. They represent the best and all of us the courage to protect and defend with respect and dignity. Our police officers are aware we see lived out in front of us on a daily basis,” he said, “What it means to be honorable, to be fair, to be vigilant. These words that mean so much are at the heart of what they do.”

And in Bowling Green, members of the Kentucky State Police also gathered in the Fairview Cemetery to lay a wreath at one of the fallen troopers’ gravesites.

“Every year, right around Law Enforcement Memorial Week, the Kentucky State Police will meet out at the gravesites of all of our fallen troopers,” said Trooper Daniel Priddy with the Kentucky State Police, “And we’ll place a wreath on their grave in honor of the ultimate sacrifice that they paid in the service of the Commonwealth and the communities that they lived.”

Priddy also added that he was proud to be honoring those in law enforcement and their families.

”These are the individuals that paved the way for us. They paved the way for the troopers today. And we want to honor that we want to honor their commitment and their courage,” he said. “make sure that you know, we’re also honoring the families you know, the families are important thing is because there’s been a lot of children that’s lost parents, husbands, and wives and, you know, children.”

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