Saturday, September 24, 2022

Denmark company considered the “World’s Greatest”


DENMARK, Wis. (WBAY) – A Denmark company, more than 115 years old, will be profiled this weekend on a national TV show as the “World’s Greatest.”

Founded way back in 1905, Dufeck Manufacturing continues to carry on a legacy of making specialty wood products.

“It’s kind of cool that we, 117 years later, we’re still doing the same thing,” says owner Andy Dufeck.

Now a 4th generation family-owned company, Dufeck first started making cheese boxes for aging cheese.

But expansion into other products soon followed.

“My great grandpa used to sell hardware and make shingles and do housing mold, and my grandpa used to do soda cases and beer cases, wooden soda and beer cases, my dad expanded into pallets and crates, and then my mom and my dad then expanded into all the gift boxes that we do now,” explains Dufeck.

Today, the company makes more than 500 specialty products and Dufeck says diversification is the key to the company’s continued success, making it the largest of its kind in North America.

“Pretty much anything you can think of, we’ll make,” says Dufeck with a smile.

This past winter, Dufeck received a phone call.

A production company wanted to come to Denmark to profile the company for a national TV show.

That show is called the “World’s Greatest,” airing on Bloomberg TV.

Tomorrow’s episode airs at 2:30 pm and features Dufeck Manufacturing as the world’s greatest wood packaging company.

The recognition brings pride to this local business employing 150 people and operating 24 hours a day, five days a week.

“Through my dad and my grandpa and my great grandpa, that the business continues, as hard as it is to be in business, that we can still keep doing what we do, it’s just a lot of pride in everything that we do,” says Dufeck.

Dufeck has three young sons and is hopeful at least one will one day become the 5th generation to run Dufeck Manufacturing.

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