Saturday, April 1, 2023

New Danville superintendent has background in both education, law enforcement


DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) – A new central Kentucky schools chief has a different perspective on school safety. Greg Ross will be the new superintendent when Danville kids head back to school this fall.

Ross was teaching at a nearby school when Paducah experienced its own school shooting tragedy in 1997. He’s from the Paducah area, and even coached Nicole Hadley’s siblings. Hadley was one of three students killed in the shootings. Now, he’s about to start a new role as superintendent with school safety on the minds of many.

“I also think that I’m walking into a community that is passionate about creating a safe environment,” Ross said.

A group of community leaders and first responders have started school safety meetings, hoping to prevent or at least prepare for the unthinkable if it were to happen there.

“You prepare for the worst, but it’s not the actual event. It’s still a drill. No matter how you see it, it’s still a drill,” Ross said.

Ross has both education and law enforcement in his background. In fact, he was at the same police academy attended by Boyle County Sheriff Derek Robbins.

Ross has gone from teaching to police work and back to education.

“Education has always been the goal. That’s where I wanted to be,” Ross said.

School shootings have had both educators and police working together more frequently and he has lots of experience in both fields.

“In my doctoral research, it’s also in positive behavior and support. For me the area of de-escalation, being able to work through things in a positive way. It’s so important,” Ross said.

Ross said it’s also important to know how quickly things can go wrong and how to react to that.

Ross said his time as a patrol officer in Paducah really taught him some valuable lessons he’s using as an educator.

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