Saturday, February 4, 2023

NH education de-stress campaign emphasizes ‘reset, let go, grow’


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Department of Education on Friday announced an initiative for children and parents to find a moment in their hectic schedules to pause, take a break, and share that time with others.

It’s called the “603 Moment” campaign, reflecting the state’s area code and the June 3 start. Gov. Chris Sununu planned its launch at a New Hampshire Fisher Cats baseball game, distributing small whiteboards to patrons and encouraging them to share their moment in writing.

The initiative advertises, “Reset. Let Go. Grow.”

“Just like the #HomeHikeChallenge from the last two years, our #603Moment initiative seeks to help New Hampshire kids, parents, and families refocus and appreciate the little things in life,” Sununu said in a statement. “Let’s channel these 603 Moments into positive change and renew important discussions on the importance of social and emotional health not just in our schools, but also in our communities.”

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut said a moment “can occur on a walk or a lunch break, or perhaps it is a peaceful reflection while visiting a favorite place, or just a few deep breaths while in the midst of chaos.”

Residents will be encouraged to share their moment on social media with the hashtag #603Moment.

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